How much does it cost?
£3 per song

How will I recieve my song?
You can choose to receive your song via email or Facebook messenger.

Can ‘Rock Your Birthday’ send it directly to my recipient?
No, if we send it to your recipient, the email address / Facebook account that they receive it from won’t be yours – it won’t be as personalised or obvious that it’s come from you!

Can ‘I’ post it to somebody else’s Facebook or Instagram?
Yes! This is exactly what we want you to do! You’ll need to save the video to your device, and then post it to you recipient’s wall. For more information on this see ‘How do I post this to my recipient’

How can I get my young child to say the words?
Ask them to repeat what you say, this will be edited out when your song is being created.

Can more than 1 person leave a message?
Absolutely! You can leave separate messages or take turns saying words. As long as it doesn’t exceed the 14 second limit, you can be as creative as you want!

How long does it take to receive my song?
You will receive your song the same day that you send your information (photo’s / audio / payment). This will be 9pm at the latest. We recommend ordering at least a day before your recipients birthday is due.

Will you edit what I say?
Edits to your ‘personalised message’ will only be made if it is too long. Other than that, we will never interfere with your message.

Eco-friendly personalised birthday songs