How do I post this to my recipient?

I received my song on FB messenger

To SAVE your song:

1) Touch and hold on the video (in the red highlighted circle – don’t touch the play button

2) Tap ‘more’. 

3) Tap ‘Save’

Your song will be saved onto your phones photo stream

I received my song by e-mail

1) Log in to your email and open the email sent from Rock Your Birthday (not there? check your ‘Junk’ box)

2) Click on the ‘Download’ button.

3) Your song is now saved in your ‘downloads’ file.

To SEND your song:

To Facebook:

1) Go to your recipients wall and click in the box to send a message.

2) Click Photo / Video

3) Choose the video from your camera roll / downloads and click ‘done’

Via email:

1) Write your email to your recipient and enter their email address.

2) Click ‘attach’ and add your video.

3) Click send.

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